About Shanda

Shanda K. Miller has a Bachelor’s Degree in Environmental Science, a Master’s Degree in Public Administration, and 20 years of experience leading teams. Most recently, Ms. Miller was the County Performance Auditor for Lane County, Oregon. Ms. Miller is now a writer, trainer, and consultant.

During Shanda K. Miller’s career leading teams as both an Environmental Scientist and Performance Auditor, she was a champion for her own personal and professional development, as well as for the development of her staff. She sought out training and books on management and leadership and applied what she learned to her own teams.

Shanda K. Miller went from a naive young supervisor who struggled with delegation, to a confident successful supervisor. M.s Miller lead high performing teams that achieved the quality and timeliness she expected even though she worked less than full time. Ms. Miller’s teams consistently completed high quality projects on time and on budget. Ms. Miller wants other supervisors to learn what she learned and to know that being a supervisor doesn’t have to mean being stressed, overwhelmed, and overworked. Supervising can be stress-free and rewarding, if you apply the right principles.