About Shanda


Shanda K. Miller is a champion for personal and professional development and loves to coach others and help them reach their dreams. Her leadership purpose is to inspire and guide others to live their version of an extraordinary life.

Shanda is living her dream as a leadership coach, trainer, and writer. Shanda seeks to help team leaders break free from stress and overwhelm and lead their teams to high-performance. She wants other supervisors to learn what she learned and to know that being a supervisor doesn’t have to mean being stressed, overwhelmed, and overworked. Supervising can be stress-free and rewarding if you apply the right principles.

Shanda has a Bachelor’s Degree in Environmental Science from the University of Idaho, a Master’s Degree in Public Administration from the University of Oregon, and 20 years’ experience leading teams in the fields of Environmental Science and Performance Auditing.

Shanda spends half her time traveling the world. When not traveling, Shanda and her husband, Kent, live in a tiny house in Eugene, Oregon.